Our fees are very reasonable. Pricing varies depending on your business needs and the amount of work. Every client and business is different, therefore, quotes vary. We are flexible; we can do a fixed fee per month or charge by the hour, which ever you prefer we will always be there to serve you.

Fees vary (per month) by the amount of activity as follows:

1.    Number of bank checking and savings accounts to be reconciled.

2.    Number of credit card accounts to be reconciled.

3.    Number of checks written.

4.    Number of debit card transactions.

5.    Cash receipts to be entered.

6.    Number of sales & use tax accounts.

7.    Is it an inventory business?

8.    Number of subcontractor checks written.

9.    Number of W-2 employee payroll checks written.

10. Frequency and type of financial reports requested.

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